Tony Moles is a Creative Director/Art Director/Brand Specialist with a proven history of shaping bold creative strategy for clientele from a broad range of industries. Tony has built and lead creative teams that have consistently produced effective, award-winning work across both digital and offline channels –  for B2B and B2C audiences alike. While still a graphic designer at heart, Tony’s work is testament to more – his belief that ‘the idea is the thing’ and every visual execution should first serve that idea, without exception.

While Tony’s long history of excellence providing creative solutions for corporate and industrial markets has been central to his success, recent projects have seen him apply his vast skill set to clients in retail, technology, and broadcast communications sectors.

“…the idea is the thing and every visual execution should first serve that idea, without exception.”

As the long-time lead creative in a full-service agency, Tony’s experience in multiple roles has shaped a team-oriented approach to creative challenges; One that values superior communication skills to present a clear, rationalized articulation of creative choices in order to achieve maximum buy-in, internally and externally. Tony places emphasis on fostering a collaborative, teaching, creative department; one that fosters both the growth of team members but also serves as an ally for teams company wide. Through his years of agency experience, Tony’s client-facing collaborations have included c-suite stakeholders, marketing directors, and clients’ internal design teams.

Tony’s track record of success in his agency leadership roles, alongside his diverse skill set and adaptable design style, make him a candidate able to transition seamlessly to new markets and audiences.