DIGITAL: FitBit product card UI


The Brief

FitBit wanted a more dynamic, modern look for product cards to promote their latest line of fitness trackers. These cards were used on the product pages of their website, with design and layout elements from the new cards to be repurposed for various digital ads over social media platforms. The design needed to be bright, modern and up-to-date, with the product as the focal point. While FitBit’s primary market is fitness and wellbeing, the product card would also speak to lifestyle and convenience.

By using very contemporary UX techniques, dynamic transitions were added to page elements to give a very modern feel and also to speak to the dynamic nature of FitBit’s trackers. They can transition from the office to the gym to home while always giving you the data you need. Tony’s design concept reinforced that very transition by using imagery that transformed on page load, telling that story in just 3 seconds. Product image and title were emphasized as the dominant elements, while product configuration interface elements were simple and intuitive, following in line with FitBit’s products themselves.

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