Motion Design: Systel Kite Strike™

Project Details

Created as part of the multi-platform product launch Tony produced for Systel’s “Kite-Strike™” technology, this motion graphic was conceived and produced as a high-level overview of Kite-Strike’s features & applications. External sales presentations, online PR opportunities, social media, a product landing page, and trade shows were all eventual utilizations. Regardless of placement, it was critical the motion graphic serve as a concise, compelling presentation of Kite-Strike’s revolutionary technology in a visual language and style that would resonate with the primary target audience: the U.S. military & its defense contractors.

Kite-Strike is touted by Systel as “rugged computing for mission critical applications.” The typography, image transitions, and accompanying sound design in the video are intended to evoke a sense of “real-time mission updates” with glitchy, surveillance-style video mimicking the streaming video quality one might see viewing live field-operations from central command. The orchestral score provides a sweeping, cinematic tone and gives a sense of grand scale and gravitas, befitting the seriousness of national defense applications. Once launched, the Kite-Strike motion graphic resulted in over a 400% increase in views versus previous Systel video releases.

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