The Brief

Klaver is an online-only German bank that wanted to increase brand awareness within a targeted demographic, by positioning themselves as a bank for millennials, for young professional and tech savvy entrepreneurs. Klaver is the german word for clover – this is a bank that will bring you good luck in all of your endeavors. It’s a bank that works to help you invest your money in the right places, to make smart decisions about your savings and to achieve big milestones, such as buying a house.

Tony’s recommended strategy was to play to the “exclusivity” angle, in an attempt to capture the “experiences-over-things” mindset prevalent in many millennials. By positioning a Klaver bank/account as the “backstage pass to the good life,” the headline alludes to a brighter future, a  life accessible only as a Klaver account holder.

Tony led the initial visual identity development by producing a style tile for design teams in establishing the proper visual tone. As part of this, Tony bridged the gap between the somewhat contradictory “well-established vs. “trendy” direction from the client by using a contrasting color palette of neon greens vs. a cool-gray. The neon provides the impact and modern energy while the gray dials back the whimsey by keeping it grounded, implying stability and maturity. Rounded cube elements represent building blocks; positioning a Klaver account as a crucial building block for the financial future of the millennial audience.

The design of the Klaver debit card is sleek and minimalist in nature. The all-black card implies maturity and financial stability, while the Klaver logo mark elements and neon green typography provide impact and draw a stark contrast – the same contrast the young upscale audience wishes to draw for itself; I am different, I stand out.

Systel Kite-Strike™