BRAND STRATEGY: Systel – Kite Strike

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Project Details

Systel, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rugged computing products for military and industrial applications, was preparing to launch their next-gen computing solution and turned to Anthm to drive the multi-faceted product launch in the fall of 2020. This new product, Kite-Strike – named so in honor of the small but fierce bird of prey – was revolutionary in the amount of computing power and versatility it packed into such a small box. This size and power combination makes it well suited to defense applications. To target this audience, Anthm’s creative team developed a campaign focused on just three simple but crucial differentiators, culminating in the tagline “Mini. Mighty. Modular.” By the time of launch, Anthm had designed the original product logo mark, wrote and produced print and digital ads, contributed to advertorial development and produced Kite-Strike motion graphic to support the rollout. Early analytics indicate over a 400% increase in response rate versus previous Systel releases.

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